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Case Study: How He's Writing $2-3 Million Every Month In Annuities From Home
(Without Webinars, Seminars, Lead Vendors)
+ A Simple System To Help Get YOU Writing $1M+/mo Annuity Production From Home too
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You'll learn why your in person sales process doesn't work online, and what works online


 You'll learn how Jonathan is closing big retirement planning cases 100% online. Yes, without ever meeting the prospect in real life. Annuity case sizes $500k - $5M.

💰📅 HNW Appointments

You'll hear how Jonathan keeps his calendar & pipeline full of high net worth pre-retirees and retirees using Clients Blackbox...
Want to Fill Your Calendar With 5 - 15 High Net Worth Appointments Per Week?
+ Copy Jonathan's Virtual Sales System
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Financial Advisors, Imagine This:
What if every $7.5k marketing investment may turn into $39k+ revenue every time? Without the hassle of seminars, webinars, or chasing unqualified leads?
Here’s One of the Most Fascinating Success Stories:
Jonathan - $30M/Yr Advisor
Meet Jonathan:

An ex-pastor who transitioned to a Retirement Advisor seven years ago.

Today, he writes $2-3M per month in annuities from home, 100% online.

While most advisors spend decades building their business to reach this level...

That's if they don’t leave the industry...

Jonathan, in his 30s, is on track to write $30M+ in FIA personal production this year.

From home.

Never meeting clients in person.
The Incredible Part:
Jonathan recently closed a $13M case (5M annuity, 8M AUM) entirely virtually. That’s more than what most advisors produce in a whole year.
Jonathan's Crazy Growth with Blackbox:
Jonathan started working with Clients Blackbox in November 2022.

By 2023, he more than 10X’d his annuity production.

In 2024, he’s writing $2-3M every month in FIA premium.
The Secret? A Proven Process:
We put 50-80 retirement planning appointments ($500k+ minimum) on his calendar every month through our proprietary process:

1. 4-Dimensional Targeting Technology: Targeting the right people is crucial. Unlike most advertisers who only target in one way. We have a 4 dimensional targeting strategy. We buy ads on social media targeting 55-75 year old HNW pre-retirees and retirees. They see a 90-second educational video
2. Engaging Content: They click to watch a 10-minute educational video on retirement planning
3. Easy Consultation Booking: Interested prospects can book a no-cost retirement planning Zoom consultation with Jonathan or his team

We've spent millions of dollars perfecting this client acquisition system. We're creating hundreds of new ads every month to keep improving the volume and quality of appointments. You will get a talented specialized digital marketing team working hard everyday to keep your calendar full with qualified appointments.
Why This Works:
❌  No Seminars
❌  No Cold Calling
❌  No Webinars
❌  Zero Chasing

By rinsing and repeating this formula, Jonathan scaled his production to $2-3M per month while enjoying half of every other week off to spend time with his son...
The Results Speak for Themselves:
For every $7,500 spent, we aim to get:

- 15 booked appointments
- 10 Zoom shows (60%)
- 5 qualified prospects (50%)
- 1 high-value client (20%)

With an average client asset of $900k ($500k FIA + $400k AUM), that’s $39,000+ in revenue from a $7,500 marketing investment—5X ROI potential!
Ready to Transform Your Business?
Here’s what you’ll get:

1. Full Calendar: High-value appointments like Jonathan’s, using his ads, sent to you in a round-robin way.

2. Virtual Sales Process: Jonathan’s complete virtual sales process, including PDFs, PPT templates, and income calculators.

3. Prospect Call Recordings: Access to sales call recordings with prospects closed into high-value paying clients.

4. Advisor Peer Community: Join a community of advisors on the same program, sharing insights and successes.

You May Turn Every $7.5k in Marketing into $35k-$39k+ Revenue Every Month or Even Every Week!
The best part? You can start getting appointments within 1-2 days of getting started.
PRICING - What's the Cost?
It's expensive, just like any serious system, but it's not a million dollars, or anything close to that...
SAVE $40k. Since the average sales cycle (from meeting to close) is 90 days. We'll waive our onboarding fees and training fees for our quarterly packages. So that you have the highest chance of success inside the program. Because we're confident that you're getting the appointments and the mentorship for at least 3 months, you wouldn't want to ever stop...
Duration: 3 Months

1. Cost: $22,500 (Paid upfront, or in 3 easy monthly payments of $7,500)
2. Volume Target: 30-45 booked appointments within 90 days (10-15 appointments per month)
3. Assets Pipeline Value: $15M-$45M (Avg $500k-2m assets per appointment)
4. Sales Pipeline Targets: 60% show rate, 10% close rate, $500k avg FIA case (comes with $400k avg AUM case, total assets are $900k per client)
5. Target Premium Written: $1M - $1.5M FIA (in 90 days)
6. Marketing Onboarding Fees: $10,000 - $0.00
7. Sales Training & Direct Mentorship Fees: $30,000 - $0.00
Duration: 3 Months

1. Cost: $45,000 (Paid upfront, or in 3 easy monthly payments of $15,000)
2. Volume Target: 60-90 booked appointments within 90 days (20-30 appointments per month)
3. Assets Pipeline Value: $30M-$90M (Avg $500k-2m assets per appointment)
4. Sales Pipeline Targets: 60% show rate, 10% close rate, $500k avg FIA case (comes with $400k avg AUM case, total assets are $900k per client)
5. Target Premium Written: $2M - $3M FIA (in 90 days)
6. Marketing Onboarding Fees: $10,000 - $0.00
7. Sales Training & Direct Mentorship Fees: $30,000 - $0.00
Duration: 3 Months

1. Cost: $67,500 (Paid upfront, or in 3 easy monthly payments of $22,500)
2. Volume Target: 90-135 booked appointments within 90 days (35-45 appointments / month)
3. Assets Pipeline Value: $45M-$135M (Avg $500k-2m assets per appointment)
4. Sales Pipeline Targets: 60% show rate, 10% close rate, $500k avg FIA case (comes with $400k avg AUM case, total assets are $900k per client)
5. Target Premium Written: $3M - $4.5M FIA (in 90 days)
6. Marketing Onboarding Fees: $10,000 - $0.00
7. Sales Training & Direct Mentorship Fees: $30,000 - $0.00
Please do not take any of the above statements as guarantees. These are projections that some advisors use to build their business model around our program. You may get more or less appointments and sales. Your results may vary.
The truth is, the cost of the program is irrelevant right now. Because we don't know if this is even the right program for you. So far, it's free! Because you're not in the program yet and you're not experiencing the production lift yet. On the 1-on-1 marketing consultation, we'll learn more about your situation and goals to see if this is the right fit for you...

Common Advisor Questions

What's this all about?
Our goal is to get you to write $5-15M+ a year in annuities online consistently using a proven system. Jonathan is a $30m/yr virtual annuity advisor using Clients Blackbox. We're his only marketing channel. You will co-invest in Jonathan's same marketing system. You'll get a proportional amount of appointments. You will also get sales training and coaching from Jonathan. You'll learn how to sell annuities online to prospects 1-2 timezones away from you. So you can stop losing virtual sales and start increasing your production.
How are the appointments placed on my calendar?
We've copied Jonathan's successful ad campaign for advisors into this program. You'll be putting your money into the same effective ad campaign he's using. Your investment will go into a shared campaign with a round-robin Calendly link, meaning all participating advisors get a similar number of appointments. We don't control who gets which appointments; it's automatically assigned by Calendly. You'll receive appointments with clients of various liquid assets, from $500k to over $2 million.
What's the cost?
Starts at $7,500/month, can go up depending on your growth apetite
What's the minimum commitment?
Least commitment is 3 months because the average annuity sales cycle is 90 days.
Why is this system the best option for me?
Because it's proven to help someone else write $30 million a year in annuities. You will get regular meetings with rich people, so you won't have to worry about having enough work. This system will help you sell more annuities and manage more money. You will also get help and coaching from Jonathan. Clients Blackbox is the best partner for Hybrid Retirement Planning firms. And this is the only way to work with them without paying $75,000 each month. Because it is online, you can work from anywhere and have more freedom. Which allows you to do more meetings each day and meet richer people. Sometimes, you might get a big client, like Jonathan did, and make a lot of money. The meetings are exclusive for you and not shared with others. People book these meetings with you, so you don’t have to go after leads. This system lets you focus on what you do best. Closing deals and helping clients, without worrying about marketing or chasing clients. So you can keep growing your business, without stressing about finding your next client.
How soon can I get appointments?
Within 2-3 days of paying your first marketing invoice
I'm not a fiduciary, and I've got a few disputes on my broker check, can I still apply?
No. We only accept fiduciaries with a clean record.
Who is this program built for?
We like to think that the best advisor for this program is a fiduciary focused on retirement income planning for higher net worth people (mass affluent+) who wants to do more virtual business, who believes in using a two bucket approach to retirement planning to safely plug the income gap for their clients and uses fixed indexed annuities as bond replacements in their retirement planning because it's a superior approach.
Can I see the message the prospect sees before I get started?
Yes you can! We'll show you what message the prospect sees on the demo zoom call
Can I talk to someone before I get started?
Yes, definitely! Please click the button below to choose a time that works for you
Which Package Works For You?
We've found that advisors can write about $500k of annuity premium for every $5k of ad spend if they follow Jonathan's sales system. So this lets you predict how much you will write in annuity premium based on your ad spend...
While most lead vendors upcharge SHARED leads for 3-5x what they buy them for. Since we're NOT a lead vendor, you're getting booked APPOINTMENTS here from the source. 67% of your investment goes directly into adspend.

I Want To Consistently Write $500k Per Month

Monthly Investment:


Monthly Budget
($5k ads + $2.5k mgmt fee)


15 Appointments

Per month


10 Show Up

60% show rate


1 Client

10% close rate



Monthly FIA Premium



Monthly Income
(assuming 7% comp)

* We don't recommend this level because it can be volatile month-to-month. But we understand some advisors need to "test it out before fully committing". So we offer this level, but you are obligated to double your budget once you close your first case.

3 month commitment, for optimal results

Most Popular

I Want To Consistently Write $1MM Per Month

Monthly Investment:


Monthly Budget
($10k ads + $5k mgmt fee)


30 Appointments

Per month


20 Show Up

60% show rate


2 Clients

10% close rate



Monthly FIA Premium



Monthly Income
(assuming 7% comp)

3 month commitment, for optimal results

I Want To Consistently Write $2MM Per Month

Monthly Investment:


Monthly Budget
($18k ads + $9k mgmt fee)


50 Appointments

Per month


30 Show Up

60% show rate


3 Clients

10% close rate



Monthly Premium



Monthly Income
(assuming 7% comp)

3 month commitment, for optimal results

Reserve Your Spot Before They're All Taken!

3 month commitment, for optimal results

Who Do You Have to Become To Write $1M+ A Month In Annuity Production From Home ?
3 Shifts To Write $1M+ A Month In Annuities
Author: Alex Khassa
Date: June 20 2024

Selling an annuity is one thing. Running a business is a different skill set.

If you’re an independent advisor, you’re essentially a business owner.

There are 3 mindset shifts you need to personally make in order to grow your annuity production:

My name is Alex Khassa. I’m the CEO of Clients Blackbox. We’re the #1 Meta Ads Partner to Hybrid Retirement Planning Firms. My goal is to educate you for free. So you can grow your production. And maybe you can tell your buddies about this post, and maybe one of them qualifies for our marketing program.

MISTAKE #1: Quitting Before Completing Your Ramp Up Period

Do you hop from marketing program to another every few months? Congratulations my friend, you’ve got shiny object syndrome. And that’s what’s stopping you from growing to the next level.

The truth is, any marketing program can work, if YOU work it. You probably know advisors doing 20m and 30m a year in annuity production in all sorts of ways. Radio. Webinars. Seminars. Online leads. Anything.

What has to change about YOU is that you need to stick with it until you “figure it out”.

And while every IMO will promise you they have the magic seminar or webinar or digital lead system… They practically don’t.

Because what works for one advisor may not work for another. 

And there will ALWAYS be an adjustment period of about 3-6 months for you to develop your own unique twist on working the program.

The secret to getting through this “adaptation period” fast enough, is volume. 

Here's the truth...

Imagine if you were a salesperson hired at a large company. Your sales manager knows that you will have a “ramp up period”. Meaning he knows that you need to go through X amount of leads and opportunities and probably lose a few of them until you figure it out. The key here is how FAST can you go through that X number of leads or opportunities, and how quickly can you get FEEDBACK from someone who’s already had success with this before.

In this case, you are the salesperson, and the sales manager, and the owner! You just need a coach who’s done it before, and the understanding that it will take a certain amount of reps to master it.

We see that for most advisors it may take them about 30 opportunities, with proper feedback, until they develop their own system to convert them into sales.

The catch is, if you go through 30 opportunities in 30 days, you’re going to learn a LOT faster than if you go through 30 opportunities in 6 months. Because you’re going to be leveraging the power of MOMENTUM and IMMERSION. Immersion is key.


If you took home $200,000 last year, and you worked a 40 hour work week, you essentially make about $100/hour.

That $100/hour figure is basically the average of all the tasks you performed last year. 

It could be 20% admin work that can be outsourced for $20/hour

It could be 30% closing qualified prospects that makes you an average of $1,500/hour

It could be 40% prospecting work which can be outsourced for $25-50/hr

… etcetera

If you’d like to make more money, you need to delegate the low paying activities, and really only spend your time in the highest producing activity which is closing qualified prospects.

**Screenshot this, make it your screensaver for the next 7 days to remind you to delegate low-paid work**

This is why you hear of advisors who make $3m a year take home because they don’t do anything but close. They delegate everything else.

That’s one of the reasons why top advisors love our program. They don’t have to spend any time prospecting or chasing bad leads. Qualified self-booked $500k+ appointments get booked on their calendar, without their intervention. They know they’ll close a certain percentage and they only focus on working with the ones that are most receptive to what they do. That’s it.


Cheap leads cost you more than what you pay for them.

One of the largest lead vendors published a case study that said one of their clients had to literally call, chase, and follow up with 100 leads for months and months to only close 3 clients. What a dumb waste of time, right? Well because those leads are SHARED.

You have to understand that a lead vendor’s business is buying a lead for $1 and selling it to you for $3. Now that's "Smart", for them.

If you bought the lead for $3 that means it was only really worth $1. 

But it’s much better to get leads straight from the source. 

You’re not going to be able to do it on your own (because you’re a financial advisor, not a marketer, and finance pays better than marketing and that’s why you’re in this business in the first place).

So it makes sense to get leads from the source and pay somewhat of a premium for someone to do it for you.

Just don’t pay 3x what it cost in the first place.

For example right now if a client spends $7,500 with us (they'd be projected to onboard a $900k client) and about 67% of that $7500 goes into adspend (compared to only 33% or less with lead vendors… we put DOUBLE your money into adspend relatively) which ensures the lead quality is much higher than a lead vendor.

This also means our leads (well they’re not really leads they’re booked appointments on your calendar) are EXCLUSIVE. They are NOT SHARED.

Which means you get higher show up rates, shorter sales cycles, and you stop chasing and start closing.

Stop making these mistakes. Let's get you to $10M+ in annuity production.

Alright! This is some of what I learned after literally spending millions on ads for fiduciary firms who use annuities as bond replacements for retirement planning.

You can keep learning, or you can start increasing your personal annuity production.

Information without action is useless. 

Let’s get busy.

Click the button and let’s get you personally to your next level in your personal production...

Alex, out.

*Results not guaranteed. Clearly, none of these performance projections are guaranteed. We don't know you yet or your work ethic. We're just projecting what you can do based on our own ads and closing performance. We use this data to build our own projections and business plan. You will make more or less or nothing depending on your work ethic and existing sales skills. 

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